Saturday, September 3, 2016

Marvel Announces Monsters Unleashed

Marvel announced yesterday that a comic book series featuring the popular Marvel versions of classic Universal Monsters will be released in January 2017! Included are expected to be Dracula, The Mummy, Werewolf By Night, Frankenstein's Monster, and Man-Thing.
Fans of the previous iterations will be excited to see these classic fiends together again!  No further details have been released. There is speculation in the fan community, especially those "Monster Kids" who grew up in the 70's, as to whether the monsters will be evil or good.  A few years ago, the monsters teamed up on Disney XP's Spider Man series as Blade and The Howling Commandos (not to be confused with Captain America's Howling Commandos), fought with Spidey against Dracula and his minions.  A link to the episode commercial can be found here:
Ultimate Spiderman: Blade and The Howling Commandos

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