Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Legacy of Condorman!

By Michael Goldtrap.

Be it known that we here at LightEars LOOOOVE Condorman!  In departure from the good reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes (who give a generous 25%) we appreciate the 1981 Disney film for what it is; pure camp. From the bad acting by former phantom Michael Crawford, to the hit and miss special effects (Miss: Flapping condor wings fail, Hit: can you say laser gun boat chase?) While not Disney's biggest hit, it found its way into the hearts of many HBO and Disney Channel watchers of the early '80's.   Calling it a "cult classic" may be an overstatement, the film did leave a sort of legacy in it's small impact on pop culture.
Disney released a minimum of merchandise including posters, comic books, and a novelization in support of this film.  


Within the last few years, Disney has released the DVD of the film, as an exclusive to the Disney Movie Club, and a CD of the soundtrack on Intrada Records.

In the Pixar short film, Small Fry, Director Angus MacLane included a discarded Condorman kids meal toy, citing himself as a fan of the film.
Possibly, in response to the Pixar reference, and renewed interest in the film, Disney has quietly released a Condorman Vinylmation and Disney Infinity Condorman Winged Glider disk.

Art by Francesco Francavilla
Fans of the film have also been busy creating their own style of Fan art for the film. 
Today marks the 35th anniversary of the film's release, and it quite honestly hasn't held up.  Possibly since the film was cheesy even in the 80's. Although it may not  be fully appreciated by moviegoers raised on a steady diet of CGI,  Condorman can still be a guilty pleasure and reminder of a simpler time of Disney film making. 

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