Sunday, April 30, 2017

Disney Sci-Fi love at Mondo Art Show

Friday was the opening for the Disney themed Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show by Mondo Studios.  Various prints have been previewed for the show, but now Mashable has posted several in all their glory online.  Included in the collection are multiple prints highlighting Disney science fiction and horror films.  In addition to the Atlantis poster, here are a selection of some prints that we love:

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disney To Remake 60's Science Fiction Classic

With the string of current live-action remake hits, Walt Disney Pictures announced the plans for a remake of the classic science fiction/comedy film, Moon Pilot.  The 1962 film (celebrating it's 55th anniversary) is based on the Robert Buckner novel, Starfire, and tells the story of a reluctant astronaut Richard Talbot and his encounter with aliens on a manned mission to the moon.  The film starred Tom Tryon as the titular Air force captain, in a role that defined his career.  Costarring as the alien love interest was the gorgeous and seductive Dany Saval.  The film was a breakout success for Walt Disney Pictures at the time and ushered in a new era of science fiction comedies.  Director Stewart Raffill cited Moon Pilot as the main inspiration for his cult favorite science fiction/comedy, Ice Pirates.  Not only was the film a commercial success for the struggling Disney Studios, but the soundtrack also spawned the top 10 song, The Seven Moons of Beta Lyrae.

In a recent article, Disney CEO, Bob Iger, expressed the desire to reboot the beloved Moon Pilot franchise, and extend the film's sequels for the next 15 years.  "Although we are aware of the difficulties we faced with the Star Wars films, we are optimistic that Moon Pilot will be a viable property in the 21st Century."  The film is scheduled to start production in 2018 with Benedict Cumberbatch, fresh off the Doctor Strange debacle, hoping to restart his struggling career by portraying astronaut Talbot. In a bold casting move, The alien character Lyrae will be brought to the screen by Josh Gad.  The film will also bring back the fan-favorite space chimp, this time fully CGI realized with motion capture artist, Andy Serkis.  To capitalize on the strength of the prior film's soundtrack, the title song, Seven Moons of Beta Lyrae, will be performed by the angelic Adele Dazime.  Watch Lightears blog for more updates on this exciting film, and the Moon Pilot 55th Anniversary Disney Parks celebrations and merchandise.