Friday, June 24, 2016

Bob Iger on "Why TRON?"

By Michael Goldtrap

Disney company CEO, Bob Iger, was asked in a recent interview why Shanghai Disneyland designer Scot Drake chose TRON for the inspiration for their newest high speed attraction.
IGER: "People have asked about that. Our Imagineers [theme park designers] were developing a new ride technology: motorcycle-like vehicles on a track. We were really blown away by the technology but had no idea how we would use it. Then the “TRON” movie came out and the light cycles reminded us of how cool those vehicles were. When we were thinking of what we would anchor Tomorrowland with here, the lightbulb went off.  It’s not just about bringing the best [intellectual property] here, it’s about building the best experiences." (Source: Wall Street Journal, Photo Source:Walt Disney Company)

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